Methought I Saw My Late A-Soused Haint by Mark Blaeuer
A Last Rain Song by Temple Cone
The Flame by Sally Cook
Autumn Leaves by Kevin Cutrer
Metre-wanker by Ann Drysdale
Stridulation by Martin Elster
Liminal by Angela France
An Interrogator’s Opening Remarks by Alan Gould
All Lovers Entitled by Patricia Wallace Jones
Hello World by Rose Kelleher
The Language of Daughters by Dane Kuttler
Binary by Amit Majmudar
The Grail Irony by John Milbury-Steen
Aaron Poochigian by Timothy Murphy
Gratitude by E. Shaun Russell
Penny for Thought by Joseph Salemi
Lord of Light and Mice by Peter Wyton
Puddle by Leo Yankevich
In the Celtic Twilight by Marly Youmans