Epigraph: The Only Road There Is by Ann Drysdale
Epigraph: Being the Bad Guy by John Whitworth
Egyptian Sonnet by Mike Alexander
Monument Park by Mike Alexander
Still Life by Jesse Anger
Upheavals by Catherine Chandler
An Old Bitter Aunt by Maria DiLorenzo
The Nit Pickers by Ann Drysdale
Man in a Boat by Stephen Edgar
Greased Lightning by Richard Epstein
Ex-Country by Anna M. Evans
Tasha by Anna M. Evans
From Dante’s Vita nova by Andrew Frisardi
Vexed by Lesley Ingram
Challenge by Janet Kenny
La Bella  Simonetta by T.S. Kerrigan
An Old Rake’s Prayer On Easter In Ballina by T.S. Kerrigan
A Rejoinder of Sorts in an Old Dispute by T.S. Kerrigan
To a Believer in Two Moods by Robert Mezey
To Julien by Timothy Murphy
Revolution, ca. 1971 by Timothy Murphy
Robert Laliberte by Timothy Murphy
The Dark Horse by Timothy Murphy
Strange Attractor by Rex Plomboste
On Revisiting St Mary’s, Prittlewell by Philip Quinlan
Fool’s Sacrifice by Marly Youmans
Siriusly by Pablo Estévez y Blanco