by Pablo Estévez y Blanco

Let’s Do the Time Wave Again!
For H.C.
Old Nommo knew what fun he’d cause,
   Arriving from on high,
Revealing Big Dog and Wee Pup
   To every Dogon eye,

Ages before astronomers
   Used lenses to descry
Rings and moons, white dwarves and such
   Lacunae of the sky.

Nommo to Nommos quickly twinned,
   A fishy-heady brew;
They swam around the Dog Star, then
   Pondered some feet to do.

Zero to one was quite a jump,
   From one to two much greater,
But after that, it’s everywhere —
   The Mad Reduplicator!

Two by two and four by four
   By eight by infinity,
N to the Nth Attractor of
   Time’s teleology —

Until the cosmic wheels fall off,
   Worlds crashing out of joint,
And super-complex-Consciousness
   Hits the Omega Point.

Two-one-one-two two-oh-one-two —
   O Jumping Jesus leap
In Sirius cavorting, then
   Collapse into a heap!

They knew it centuries ago,
   Those dark-eyed, wise Dogon;
They heard it from the Fish’s mouth,
   Straight from the Starry One:

The imminent End of Novelty,
The terminal of Extropy, 
   The festive Eschaton.

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