Arthur Rimbaud, The Buffet by Mike Alexander
Rose-Cheekt Lawra by Thomas Campion
Meating by Hannah Carle
Writ by Catherine Chandler
The Drift Glass by Cally Conan-Davies
Sad Villanelle by Ann Drysdale
Thoughts in Warm Water by Ann Drysdale
Godless Sea Goddess by R. Nemo Hill
Takeoff by Janet Kenny
The Only Thing that Changes Is the Light by Quincy R. Lehr
Sappho of Lesbos, ‘That fellow...’ by Aaron Poochigian
Mind to Body by Alec Snoddie
Whigmaleerie by Alec Snoddie
Bless by John Whitworth
Tuneable Tweak by John Whitworth
The Fall Guy by Peter Wyton