Mind to Body

by Alec Snoddie

Another day, my long-time friend:
once more Time’s bank sees fit to lend
a sum of hours for us to spend
        in joy or sorrow,
but gives no pledge of this day’s end
        nor of tomorrow.

I know, when I have been unwise
often enough you’ve paid the price —
witness the rings beneath your eyes.
      But let’s be fair,
it cuts both ways: your lusts, my lies,
      balance; we’re square.

How did we meet? Was I a jinn
that found you foetus and wriggled in?
How did our partnership begin
      and how will it end?
Will I exist without your skin
      and guts, my friend?

These thoughts to me are troublesome.
I own that I’m afraid, old chum.
Through all the years, we two have come
      safe to this station;
but how I fear to sever from
      my habitation.


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