by John Whitworth

I bless thy face, thy lips, thine eyes,
Thy breast, thy belly and thy thighs,
Thy dangling hanger, stiff and stout,
Thy honey-pipe, thy in-and-out,
Thy coney-burrow-ferret, prickling
Proud, thy crimson chitterling,
Thy pouting stick, thy standing stock,
Thy ickle-pickle pillicock,
Thy dandilolly, placket-racket
Soldier in his crimson jacket,
Bull-rush, bush-rush, hunt-the-thimble,
Pretty rogue and gallant wimble,
Prancer, piercer, peek-a-boo,
Sweet membretoon and buckeroo,
Thy bableret, thy starveling shove,
Thy sword, thy spear, thy staff of love.

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