What I Would Bring You If I Could by Mary Alexandra Agner
Down to Earth by Peter Bloxsom
Some Like It Hot by Kim Bridgford
Freshly Shaved and Barbered Well by Michael Cantor
The Flea by John Donne
The Representation of Reality in Western Art* by Stephen Edgar
Theseus & Antithesis by Richard Epstein
Malum Prohibitum by Anna Evans
Voyager by Angela France
Count Unicorn and Countess Fish Skin by R. Nemo Hill
Wordbound by Tim Love
Parabolic Parable by Corey Mesler
The Stones in Morocco by Rick Mullin
Essay on Psalms 30 and 32 by Timothy Murphy
The Confessor by Timothy Murphy
The Righting Moment by Stephen S. Power
After the Harvest by Philip Quinlan
Taut Logic by David Rosenthal
Lament of the Cactus by Richard Schiffman
A Pace of Asses by Ed Shacklee
No Longer a Planet by Don Thackrey