So, naturalists observe, a flea
Has smaller fleas that on him prey;
And these have smaller still to bite ’em;
And so proceed ad infinitum.

—Jonathan Swift

Let FLEAS on FLEAS abovnd & mvultiplie! Your Hble & Obd’t Editor is pleased to welcome new Authors new to The FLEA, which same are now publish’d in this XVth Broadsheete; as Mistress Kim Bridgford, Corey Mesler Esq., Mr. Stephen S. Power, Mr. Tim Love, & Mr. Ed Shacklee; and to greet again such esteem’d Authors as Mr. Stephen Edgar, Mistress Angela France, & diuers many more, previously inioy’d by our Psyllophilous Readers & FLEA-Fanciers. The range of Poetic Subjects of the Verses exhibited herein is, beyond al doute & compasse, astonishing; & the Skill and Craft of Versification, & moreover the daring Witte, & Speculation of Poetic Apprehension, worthy indeed of that fine FLEA-ish Tradition to which these Broadsheetes yet aspire & alwaies hold Fealty.

The next, or XVIth, broadsheet of THE FLEA will comprise a Birthday Celebration (two Years having pass’d since thys nimble FLEA first hatch’d ab ovum); viz., a issue dedicated to an Vproare at The Mermaid Tavern, or, Down The Pub; in which issue, & in excellente Companye, al manner of intemperate & Bacchanalian Poetickal Feasting, & Imbibing (yet demure & Godly also, withal), shall rule the Bumper Broadsheete; with copious draughts of the hedy Hippocrene, wyld wassailings of the Wine of the Muses, pints a-plenty of good Vernacular Ale, & lashings of Pyes, Pasties & Pixels for all & fundrie. After announcing the coueted & ætherickly insubstantial Golden FLEA Awards, for magnificent Meta-versification, THE MIGHTY FLEA will carouse & caper recklessly vpon the bench-tops; & Metaphysickal Merriment shall multiply magnificently!

Alas, thereafter, douteless, shall ineuitablie followe doure Repentance for Surfeit, & drear Lethargie; with which in Minde, & pleading a prospectiue heavy-headed Hangover & dull Drowsiness, Yr Hmble & Obdt Editor proposes to leave Broadsheete XVI standing in situ for a month longer than has been the recent Custom (allowing him thereby to restore his shatter’d Faculties); and so to re-Schedule the remaining issues for this Yeare of The FLEA, by knocking them on later a month's space. Thus, Broadsheet XVII, previously deviz’d for June, shal now appear in July; Broadsheet XVIII, priorly propos’d for July, shal now be publish’d in Avgust; & so forthe. Authors whose Effusions are to be represented in those issues are earnestly assur’d that their work will still appear, but simply a Month later; & are implor’d to proffer kindly Vnderstanding & Grace towards this most miserable & inadequate, of mortal & Fallible Editors.

But the Vprore at The Mermaid Tauerne will be well worthy of any dire after-Remorse!

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