Epigraphic Poem: A Poet’s Path—To Alan Sullivan  by Janet Kenny
Psalm 27 by David, translated by Alan Sullivan
Déjà Vu by Peter Bloxsom
 by Catherine Chandler
After Seeing Women of Troy by Cally Conan-Davies
Rondel by Ann Drysdale
Foundation Stone by Nigel Holt
Crossroads by Jan Iwaszkiewicz
Consider by Rose Kelleher
Possessed by Janet Kenny
Sightlines by Janet Kenny
Hopefuls by Quincy Lehr
Huncke: Canto One by Rick Mullin
Viaticum by Timothy Murphy
The Desecrats by Fr Robert Pecotte
What Light Obscures by Philip Quinlan
Sawing the Woman in Half by Janice D. Soderling
Sestina for Lost Children by Janice D. Soderling
Flypaper by Don Thackrey
Khatun Riding By by Peter Wyton
Shifting Sands by Peter Wyton