Psalm 27

by David, translated by Alan Sullivan

01: The Lord is my light, my salvation.
           Who shall awe me?
      The Lord is the stronghold of my life.
           Whom shall I fear?
02: When the spoilers, my hateful foes,
      come to consume my flesh,
           they stumble and fall.
03: Though an army encamp against me,
           I shall not be daunted.
      Though war be declared against me,
           I shall be unafraid.
04: I have asked one boon of the Lord;
           I seek it still:
      that I dwell in the house of the Lord
          all my life’s days,
      beholding the Lord’s resplendence,
           visiting his temple.
05:      On the day of woe,
      his pavilion will conceal me.
      He will hide me in his tent-flap.
      He has lifted me with his might.
06: See! I hold my head
      higher than foes around me.
      Joyfully I will bring
      my gifts to your abode.
      I will chant and sing to the Lord.
07:      Hear, oh Lord,
           the cry I voice;
      have pity and answer me.
08:      My heart abjures me:
           seek out your presence.
      Therefore I yearn for you, Lord.
09: Hide not your visage from me,
      nor banish your servant in anger.
      You aided me; turn not away;
            forsake me not,
            my God of salvation.
10: When father and mother depart me
      the Lord will take me up.
11: Instruct me, Lord, in your way;
      on the level path, guide me,
           for I have been hated.
12:      Yield me not
            to the will of my foes.
            False witnesses 
            rose against me,
      breathers of calumnies.
13: Yet I believed I would see
            the good of the Lord
            in the land of the living.
14:      Wait for the Lord;
      be brave; may your heart be steadied.
            Wait for the Lord.
—Translated by Alan Sullivan with the assistance of Seree Cohen Zohar.