Bell’s Theorem

by Mark Allinson

Dr. John S. Bell demonstrated (mathematically) that ‘if quantum mechanics is valid, any two particles once in contact will continue to influence each other, no matter how far apart they may subsequently move.’

How far from truth who say we live apart,
As well divide the beatings of one heart:

Systolic you and diastolic me,
As I clutch it all tight, you set it free.

Then turn about, so now I have my chance
To give to your take in our hearty dance.

As electrons touch at the core of a star
Then supernovaed off to spaces far

Apart from each other, so we as well
Still influence each other as we tell

How the spin we gave each where we met
Still shapes every thing we give or we get.

Though the stretch of roads and rivers may be
A hindrance to some, it proves none for we

Having touched at the centre of such fire
Vibrate like the strings of a single lyre.

The sun of my parade unfurls your street,
Like Donne’s gold leaf to airy thinness beat


First published in WORM 26