Always a Stranger by Gene Auprey
Love Has a Southern Flavor by Michael Burch
Counting Greguerías Sheep by Stephen Collington
A Hymne to God the Father by John Donne
Sight-Reading by Stephen Edgar
Leatherback by Martin Elster
Saving the World by Angela France
A Sort of Homecoming by Tracey Gratch
The Banyan Tree And The Bathers by R. Nemo Hill
Apostrophe to Death by Juleigh Howard-Hobson
Powerless by Janet Kenny
Perchance to Run by Jean L. Kreiling
Communicants by Ralph La Rosa
Athens by David W. Landrum
Lost Letters by Tim Love
Three Songs from the South Bank by Damon Moore
The Furnace by Eric Norris
Vellum by Geoff Page
The Glassblower by Stephen S. Power
Learning to Paint Clouds by Philip Quinlan
I, Hokusai, Reply by Philip Quinlan
Bearded by Marybeth Rua-Larsen
Three Wishes by Elsa Louise von Schreiber