Keeper of the Skies by Mary Alexandra Agner
Way Station by Peter Bloxsom
Hexagram by Michael Cantor
When Mister Nifty Plays the Bones by Ann Drysdale
Turn Over Stones II: Researching Reptiles by Earl Haig II
Perspicacity by Juleigh Howard-Hobson
She Tells Him Her Secrets by Patricia Wallace Jones
Amytis Leaves Her Garden by Karen Kelsay
Forgotten Ones by Janet Kenny
Mr. Heaney by T.S. Kerrigan
The Mysteries Are Written Down by David W. Landrum
They Flee from Me by Ralph La Rosa
The Rose by Dennis Loney
No Bloody Way! by Duncan Gillies MacLaurin
Design by Amit Majmudar
Please? by Robert Mezey
Community of Saints by Timothy Murphy
To Sean Safranski by Timothy Murphy
Nuclear Family Bees, Barrington River by Les Murray
Karmic Laundromat by Richard Schiffman
Mammoth by Salli Shepherd
The Turf Labyrinth at Saffron Waldon by Janice D. Soderling
Pondering Singularity by Don Thackrey