Epigraph: The Pismire Oration by Margaret Griffiths
The Natural Born Bastard by Mark Allinson
Entomologist by David Gwilym Anthony
Fruit Flies by Carol Berg
The Swedish Dragonfly Weighing Souls by Carol Berg
Discovery of a Literary Artifact by Mark Blaeuer
Kriegspiel by Jared Carter
To the Lightning Bug by Catherine Chandler
An Eternal Golden Braid by David Davis
The Fly... by Ann Drysdale
A Prayer for the Prayer by Martin Elster
The One Not Eaten by Martin Elster
Raining Rain, You Know by Richard Epstein
Pliers by Alan Gould
Ba’al Dhubab by Nigel Holt
Berowra Waters, New South Wales by Clive James
arachne to her love by Rose Kelleher
Anopheles’ Water Dance by Janet Kenny
Articulated by Janet Kenny
The Ant Colonies on Mount Corinth by David W. Landrum
Katydid by Patti McCarty
Starfish Harvest by Amit Majmudar
In-sectio by John Milbury-Steen
June Bugs by Timothy Murphy
Hummingbird by Chris O’Carroll
Lines On a Rescue Fly Trap by Frank Osen
Everything About the Wasp Except Why by Gareth Prunty
The Mantid Waits by Philip Quinlan
Pill Bug by David Rosenthal
The Ant by Don Thackrey
I Am a Scorpion by John Whitworth
Dragonfly Dogfight by Peter Wyton
Migrations by Leo Yankevich
The Guide to Heaven and Hell by Marly Youmans