Emergency by Mark Allinson
Ode to Poets (as a last resort) by Maureen Almond
Our Father by C.B. Anderson
Discovery by Jared Carter
Nettles by Temple Cone
And The Men Kept Coming by Nicola Daly
Shakespeare in Love by Ann Drysdale
The Despair That Knows It Is Despair by Louis Gallo
Doctor Donne’s Blessing by Ray Givans
Chagall by Patricia Wallace Jones
Days She Was Queen by Patricia Wallace Jones
Beneath Julia’s Clothes by Jan Iwaskiewicz
Unaddressed by KJ
In Which I Employ Anatomy to Enact Myself by Abby Millager
Triduum by Rick Mullin
Small Game on the Prairie by Timothy Murphy
Mindful by Frank Osen
Cruising by James S. Wilk
Observe the Muslin Footman by Peter Wyton
Suspicion Falls On The Seat Of The Hamza by Peter Wyton