Epigraphic poem: A Plague on All Your Houses by Philip Quinlan
Swallows by Leo Yankevich
The Starving Poet Ruminates On Air by Joseph Salemi
Behold the Infant by Fr. Robert J. Pecotte
Per Ardua ad Astra by Geoff Page
Seventeens by Amit Majmudar
Alternating Hymn by Rose Kelleher
The Resistance of Memory by Nigel Holt
And Be Damned by Bill Greenwell
On The Cavalier Poets by Alan Gould
Homage to Descartes by Louis Gallo
Twenty Minute Walk by Angela France
For a Young Friend Who Believes She is Bad by Nausheen Eusuf
Let Me Forget by Stephen Edgar
Star-crossed by Ann Drysdale
He Says Over his Drink by Kevin Cutrer
Someone Else in Hyde Park by Peter Coghill
For Example by C.E. Chaffin
A Valentine by Jared Carter