The Peripatetic Axiom

by Toni Treadway

Nihil est in intellectu quod non fuerit prius in sensu.
—Thomas Aquinas

Doctor Angelicus went walking one day.
Down the lane came the child, stood right in the way.
She looked up at him and with nothing to fear,
said, “Can I have just a taste of some beer?”

Doc pondered, “I’m sorry that all men must suffer
a lifetime of sorrow till, like this old duffer,
we march to the bar, with a child by the hand,
and ask her to dance on the bar on demand.”

“You’d do that for me?” the innocent chimed.
“Just a sip and into your lap I will climb.
I can wrestle some demons, my faith can explore
what darkens your brow. Why do you ignore

A jumble of feelings? You’re tied into knots.
You give in and pick at pre-cancerous spots.
Let’s run to the garden so the devil can see
how it makes perfect sense to be dancing with me.”

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