by Geoff Page

McSpigot’s vintage cask moselle
has had its lean roots watered well

and takes its false varietal nose
from certain juices fed by hose

from trucks that trundle soon and late
to destinations interstate;

likewise its somewhat rare bouquet
derives from kilotonnes per day

of fine cane sugar brought by truck
and added not so much by luck

but carefully to mask the taste
of vats that almost went to waste.

Its nose each week becomes more rare
by slow intrusion of the air.

Acidity’s somewhat elastic
and varies with the type of plastic.

The European woodland scene
does not detail the Pine-O-Kleen

that lingers in the air for hours
like aftershave or summer showers,

nor quite that impact on the palate
reminiscent of a mallet.

We also trust your tongue won’t tarnish
if French oak leaves a touch of varnish.

Designed for quaffing round the clock
and sanding tastebuds smooth with shock

it wrings the gullet like a bell ...
McSpigot’s Vintage Cask Moselle.

Previously published in the Australian National University Poets Lunch Booklet.
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