by Patti McCarty

The hell if I know why I can’t remember!
Whatever happened happened way too fast.
What month is this? It’s August or September,

or maybe June, who cares? What does it matter?
Step over where? Okay, but watch the glass.
Why can’t you tell me? Hell, I can’t remember!

Somebody needs to check my knee, it’s tender.
Of all the stupid questions you could ask—
what month is this. It’s August—no, September….

You’re a cop, go find who hit my fender!
My head hurts; must’ve smacked it on the dash.
That’s it, the reason why I can’t remember!

Whose mother and what kid? Whose only daughter?
Hey, where’d you get...that’s not my empty flask.
What month is this, August or September?

I swear I only had two beers with dinner
and that was hours ago. I am not smashed!
The hell if I know why I can’t remember
what month this is, August or September.

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