Carnal Beauty by Kate Bernadette Benedict
To Mr W.S., from his agent by Alison Brackenbury
Child of 9-11 by Michael R. Burch
A Trenta-Sei of Mixed Feelings at the Early Onset of Winter by Maryann Corbett
This Flea on Me by Wesli Court
Turning Time by Wesli Court
Azrael by Janann Dawkins
From the Diary of the Queen of Naples by Ann Drysdale
The Persistence of Desire by Anna Evans
Since by Hugh Fox
Platypus by Rose Kelleher
Matriarch by T.S. Kerrigan
Let This Year by Jee Leong Koh
The Cruel Gods of the North by Quincy R. Lehr
The Yo-yo by Amit Majmudar
Drinks Season by Damon Moore
Helicopter Flying Tutorial by Jane Røken
Recess by Jennifer Reeser
Daughters of the Playground by Marybeth Rua-Larsen
Mission Control by Don Thackrey