Psalm 38

by David, translated by Alan Sullivan

A psalm of David, in remembrance
01: Oh Lord, rebuke me not in wrath
      nor chasten me with blazing fury.
02: Your arrows pelted me and pierced me;
      your hand is pressing down on me.
03: Your anger enervates my flesh;
      my sin disquiets all my bones.
04: My failings mount above my head,
      their weight too great a weight for me.
05: My boils are putrid and corrupt;
      my foolishness has made them fester.
06: Distraught and altogether downcast,
      I walk about all day morosely.
07: Fever permeates my innards;
      I have no soundness in my body.
08: Enfeebled, entirely contrite,
      I groan the tumult of my heart.
09: Lord, my longing is before you;
      my sighs are not concealed from you.
10: My heart lurches; my strength has failed.
      The light of my eyes: that too is gone.
11: My friends and loved ones shy away
      from my sores; my neighbors stand aside.
12: Those who seek my life lay snares,
      and those who seek my harm speak ill.
      All day they improvise deceits.
13: Like someone deaf, I will not hear.
      Like someone dumb, I shut my mouth.
14: I am as one who cannot hear,
      and from whose mouth come no reproofs.
15: But I rely on you, oh Lord,
      and you will heed me, Lord, my God.
16: I pray that they shall not rejoice
      or gloat against me when I slip,
17: for I proceed with halting step,
      my grief continually before me.
18: I recognize my sinfulness;
      I am remorseful for my sin.
19: My foes are fierce and vigorous;
      many are those who hate me wrongly.
20: Those who repay goodness with harm
      assail me diabolically
      because I have pursued the good.
21: Do not forsake me, Lord, my God;
      do not withdraw yourself from me.
22: Make haste to help me, Lord, my salvation.
By pursuit of this ensuing Linke, Readers may find a Podcast of King David’s Psalms, English’d by Alan Sullivan, in collaboration with Hebrew scholar Seree Cohen Zohar; & read by Tim Murphy, with Chant by Monsignor Robert Laliberte
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